How to Feel Beautiful in Pajamas

It’s quite underestimated to men how important feeling pretty and beautiful to womenĀ  really is. You can equate it to feeling macho and manly… that feeling to a guy is really important. There are many ways to make your spouse or girlfriend feel gorgeous and unfortunately many men mess this up with flying colors. bamboo men’s pajamasĀ 

Typically, men will buy flowers or something like that, which is good, but it could be much better. I am going to show you how purchasing pajamas can really show you wife or girlfriend you care… and I don’t mean trashy lingerie pajamas.

First, you are going to have to spend a little bit more money then you would expect. But that is only natural because the good stuff is never cheap, but your wife or girlfriend will really appreciate it. In this case I am going to cover a few things… and they are mostly silk pajamas.

The first type of pajamas would be a silk robe. The silk has to be mulberry silk… not anything else because all other silks don’t feel anything like mulberry silk. Next it has to be a gorgeous color like white or something bright, and it has to be a full length robe or stop just above her knees. Either way when she puts this on, she will be blown away because of how the silk feels.

Still in the robe family, but less expensive are bamboo robes. These are incredibly nice and more like your typical robe. However, they feel nothing like your typical robe and when she puts it on, she will see the difference.

Next, if you want to get her something sexier, but still very classy then silk women’s pajamas are key. I’m talking about mulberry silk again, and while these types of pajamas are very tough to find, they are unlike anything she will ever put on.

Why does this show you care so much? It’s the fabric, it’s the luxury, the classiness of the silk and bamboo that make the difference. It’s far from trashy and when she gets a gift like this, you will immediately see it in her eyes.


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